Fan del anime en especial de DBZ, One piece, SNK, Berserk y Free . Mi compulsiones actuales son el yaoi,el slash y Fanfics. Personajes Vegeta, Kakaroto, Trunks, Deadpool, Zoro, Law, Ace, Sanji, Spiderman, Cable, Guts, Levi, Berthold, Nagisa, Rei, Erwin, Jean y Eren entre cualquier otro que se me antoje. Asi que hay contenido nsfw.
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    Restrained Super Saiyan Broly (night & day iterations)

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  • kaydede:

    Kaneki your hair is so weird

    Sometimes it’s like 


    And then other times it’s like:


    Does your hair get floofy when you’re happy? Is that it?

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    食欲の秋 ホモの秋 カカベジの秋

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    Octubre 1 – 59 Notes
    #son goku
  • dammitbroly:

    Repostin’ these pics I did of Turles over here yea

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  • dammitbroly:

    The fact I can make gifs would be extremely useful if DBZ wasn’t giffed to death as it is

    Either way now I can make gifs of my fave moments of Broly

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    dbz stickers! you can find them on my redbubble here

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    Retro Styled Kill La Kill Characters.

    Get Shirts, Prints and more at my Society6 and Storenvy!

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  • hcdragoncat:

    This cat really loves Vegeta :3

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