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  • Free! Eternal Summer Character Song Series Vol. 3
    Over the Dream
    by Rin Matsuoka (CV: Mamoru Miyano)

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  • Free! Eternal Summer Character Song Series Vol. 3
    by Rin Matsuoka (CV: Mamoru Miyano)

    (Fuente: anime-music-plus, vía kuroos-bedhair)

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  • aitaikimochi:

    The Story of the Samezuka Bug Catching Event

    Notes: this is probably my favorite track (and the sourin is so strong


    *door opens*
    Sousuke: Oh? Welcome back, Rin.
    Rin: Hey Sousuke. Oh, what’cha up to? Summer vacation homework?
    Sousuke: Yeah…Hey Rin, can you help me with English?
    Rin: Nuh-uh~ It doesn’t make sense for me to do it for you.
    Sousuke: C’mon, besides… you taught me last time!
    Rin: Ugh…okay fine. Just a little bit.
    Sousuke: *laughs* You’re really helping me out!
    Rin: Yeah yeah…
    Sousuke: In other news, wasn’t it hot today? My throat is burning like mad.
    Rin: That’s right, me too.
    Sousuke: well then…how about the loser has to buy the winner juice?
    Rin: You’re ON!
    Both: JAN KEN…
    Rin: AW YEAH I WIN!
    Sousuke: Damn…
    Rin: So about that juice…any kind is fine.
    Sousuke: Okay…I’ll go to the vending machine to get it.


    Momo: I’m back! Pyunsuke~~~ Were you lonely when I wasn’t here, Pyunsuke? 
    Nitori: Momo-kun, I don’t think stag beetles get lonely…
    Momo: Noooo Pyunsuke…
    Nitori: Momo-kun, don’t just be worrying about stag beetles. Don’t you have other things to do? 
    Momo: Pyunsuke~~ you were crawling around today huh…that’s so cool!
    Nitori: he’s totally ignoring me…I guess I’ll do my homework. hmm…well then, now where is my English homework? Should be around here somewhere… AH!! Momo-kun watch out!
    Momo: Ahhhhh!!!!!
    Nitori: Momo-kun are you okay!
    Momo: I’m fine! Pyunsuke should also be okay…WAIT WHERE IS PYUNSUKE?
    Nitori: Oh man he’s flying somewhere!
    Momo: Pyunsukeeee where are you join!?!?


    Rin: It’s so damn noisy, who the hell is running? Oh shit, I totally forgot to tell Momo and Ai’s training menu for tomorrow… I wonder if they’re in their room… *knock knock* Ai, Momo? Are they not here? All right I’m coming in…what the…IT IS SO MESSY IN HERE. IN FACT, IT IS WAY TOO MESSY. I told them so many times to clean up! Where the hell did they go?


    Sousuke: Hmm…I guess I’ll get cola for myself, but I wonder what Rin wants…He did say he didn’t care, but that just makes it harder for me to decide!
    Ai: *gasping* Momo-kun wait up! You’re too fast!
    Momo: What are you talking about, Nitori-senpai? If we don’t hurry Pyunsuke will fly out of the dorm!
    Ai: I know!! Oh? Yamazaki-senpai! You did well today!
    Momo: Good job today! I recommend the top right drink!
    Sousuke: Ah? Yeah…
    Momo: Pyunsuke~~ where are you going?
    Ai: Momo-kun wait uppppp!!!
    Sousuke: What the heck are those two doing?
    Rin: Hey Sousukeee! Did you see Ai and Momo come by here?
    Sousuke: Ah yeah, the two of them ran over there!
    Rin: Thank you!
    Sousuke: Wait Rin! What about your juice? Which one do you want?
    Rin: I don’t really care! Just get me the top right one!
    Sousuke: The top right one? Hm….? Okay then…


    Ai & Momo: *gasps*
    Ai: Pyunsuke~ where are you? Momo-kun look! That stag beetle on that tree might be Pyunsuke!
    Momo: That brilliant form…it DEFINITELY is Pyunsuke!
    Nitori & Momo: Ahhhh!!
    Ai: Rin-senpai…
    Rin: Oi…..Ai!
    Ai: YES!
    Momo: Nitori-senpai!
    Ai: Momo-kun, leave this here to me. You need to go! I’m begging you!
    Momo: Nitori-senpai!!!!!! I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU SENPAI!
    Rin: Ai! What the hell is wrong with your room?
    Ai: I’m sorry, I got caught up with practice and was definitely going to clean up but I uh…
    Rin: WHY YOU!!!!!!
    Ai: AHHH!!!
    Rin: Just by looking at your room I can tell what’s really in your heart. Clean up that shit before practice tomorrow otherwise I AM THROWING EVERYTHING AWAY.
    Ai: OKAY! I’M SORRY! *runs away*
    Momo: Pyunsuke!! Ah there he is!
    Rin: HEY MOMO!
    Momo: Guhh, Rin-senpai!
    Momo: Ahhhh…before that, please hear me out…
    Rin: AHHHHH!!!!!
    Momo: *crying* Ahhh Pyunsuke is heading towards Rin-senpai! Please grab it, Rin-senpai!
    Rin: What? *Pyunsuke flies into Rin* GAHH OUCH! What the????? The stag beetle—!!!
    Momo: Rin-senpai, that’s amazing! You’re definitely important to these stag beetles~ There are so many! Yahooooo!
    Rin: Don’t pull my chest! I’m getting bitten by these stag beetles!
    Momo: Rin-senpai, I’m going to keep all of these!
    Rin: I don’t care! This hurts! Oww!
    Momo: Rin-senpai, give me at least 10!
    Rin: Stop this right now!


    *opens door*
    Rin: That was such a pain.
    Sousuke: Welcome back!
    Rin: Yeah, I’m back…Man, all that running really got me thirsty.
    Sousuke: Then drink this. ‘Savor the feelings of stag beetles, a thick and fine sugar honey drink’ By the Second King of Sweets
    Rin: Uhhh……
    Sousuke: What’s wrong?
    Rin: You too?? ‘Savor the feelings of stag beetles, a thick and fine sugar honey drink’ By the Second King of Sweets” WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? This is not a drink that humans should be drinking! Why don’t YOU try drinking this?
    Sousuke: Not gonna happen. You were the one who chose it after all…’Give me whatever is on the top right.’
    Rin: Why didn’t you think about it a bit more? Isn’t it weird?
    Sousuke: Rin *pats* try to remember when we also used to catch stag beetles.
    Rin: I’m going to punch you!
    Sousuke: Now that’s not fair.


    Nitori: Rin-senpai!
    Momo: Yamazaki-senpai!
    Nitori & Momo: Good morning!
    Nitori: Rin-senpai, what’s wrong? You don’t look so good…
    Rin: It’s just some heartburn, don’t worry about it…
    Sousuke: In either case, you did pretty well…
    Rin: YOU should try drinking this next time and ‘taste the feelings of stag beetles.’
    Sousuke: Well, I think I’ll pass…

    THIS IS SO CUTE DOTING BOYFRIEND SOUSUKE IS SO ADORABLE AND MOMO AND NITORI AND AHHH! also, the audio cuts off at the end, so if anyone has the full version of this track, please let me know!

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  • No Kidding!

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    when i was a kid my grandparents always said goodbye to each other by clasping their hands together and kissing them really intensely and i always thought that was kinda sweet so heres vegeta & bulma doing the same

    It’s times like this I wish I knew how to draw :D

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  • hikapura

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    Eruri lilies!

    Print for YaoiCon :)

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    The new season is about gymnastic and rap battles, I’m so hyped !

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